The History of Cap Guns

Cap guns have been a highly popular choice among children for a number of years now, being originally constructed from cast iron, which progressed to alloy metals, with modern day cap guns being made mainly from plastic, allowing them to become ever cheaper and accessible to all children.  Toy guns first experienced a large surge in popularity when they were seen in the older western films after the war. Children all over the world wanted cap guns to mirror their heroes and many companies profited from this until the mid sixties when westerns began to decrease in popularity. However, cap guns remain one of the most popular types of toy guns on todays market and still account for a large share of the toy guns market.



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Caps and Cap Guns

The greatest draw of cap guns is that they provide more realistic childrens toys with the use of small amounts of gunpowder to give that noise and flicker of smoke that almost every adult recalls from childhood memories. As ever caps generally come in either rolls of 100 in paper strips or in 8 – 12 circular plastic rolls and are safe for usage by children under the guidance and supervision of an adult.

So if you are looking for toy guns for your child then a cap gun always makes for a great present.

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